47 countries are considered part of Sub-Saharan Africa by the World Bank,
16 of which are current members of NOMCoL-Africa.

Who we are

OMCL networks were established to provide a forum for sharing practices on medicines quality issues at regional and national levels. Learning from a successful laboratory network established in Latin America, the External Quality Control Program, in 2009 several laboratories in Africa formed a similar coalition that evolved to become the Network of Official Medicines Control Laboratories–Africa (NOMCoL-Africa). Initially, NOMCoL-Africa consisted of the OMCLs from five countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, and Uganda. Due to the growing value of inter-laboratory collaboration, the network expanded in 2014 to include 16 countries from the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Our Mission

The mission of NOMCoL-Africa is to protect public health in Sub-Saharan Africa by strengthening the capacity of the Official Medicines Control Laboratories to conduct quality control testing of essential medicines.

Our Objectives

  1. Strengthen the performance and technical skills of OMCL staff
  2. Promote communication and the exchange of information
  3. Harmonize methodologies to facilitate acceptance/recognition
  4. Ensure compliance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  5. Help eliminate substandard and counterfeit drugs